3.110 Release Notes (May 2023)


This document outlines the new features, improvements, bug fixes and other tasks included in this admation release.


Release Overview
The focus of this release was to further improve the User Interface (UI) of many areas of the system, in particular the Ful Screen Approval view and the screens around that.




AD-2937 Full Screen Approval View UI Update                  

We have continued our interface updates in this release with the Full Screen Approval (FSA) view, removing some of the colour, and refining and consolidating buttons. We even changed the background colour from black to charcoal grey to give better contrast when reviewing darker images. The aim of these changes is to get the interface out of your way and to allow your work to really shine!!


One place this is evident is the Decision buttons which were previously displayed across the top of the page in bold green, yellow and red. These have been replaced with a new button menu labelled Submit Decision.


Submitting your approval decision is the single most important thing you can do on this page and, as such, we have darkened this button more than any other so that it stands out. We have also moved it to the right-hand side of the screen, again drawing you to it as your eye moves across the page.


The updated User Interface for the Full Screen Approval view



AD-2311 Feedback Mode UI Update                

While we were looking at the Full Screen Approval view, we also wanted to improve the user interface for the Feedback Mode screen (often referred to as the Collate Feedback screen).                   

Once again, we have used the same design elements to bring consistency to this page and allow you to make sure that any feedback you receive from your approvers can be polished and extracted with minimal distraction caused by the interface itself.



The updated User Interface for the Feedback Mode view



AD-2940 Project Details UI Update

Made some smaller changes to the Project Details screens. These were mostly just updates to colours and icons with little changing in the way of functionality.



AD-2938 Add Deliverables UI Update                  

Completed our updates to the Add Deliverables screen in a project. This work was started in the previous release, but here we have increased the usage area of the page as well as refined the colours to make the page feel lighter.                 

We have also added the ability to collapse the newly added deliverables so that only the essential fields are visible, allowing more deliverables to be seen on screen at once.




The updated User Interface for adding deliverables to a project


AD-2654 Approval Details > Allow other users to see who an approval request was forwarded to
For a long time now, users were able to see if an approver had forwarded out an approval request to get other people’s feedback and the status of those forwards. However, due to legal requirements in certain jurisdictions, we did not show who the request was forwarded to. We have now added a configuration option allowing organisations to configure this to their needs. Please talk to your Customer Success Manager if you’d like to know more about this feature.



Organisations can configure the system to allow all users to see who an approval request was forwarded to


AD-2925 Approval Templates > Notify a specific set of users if an approval template is modified for a specific approval request
In highly regulated industries, knowing that your users are submitting approval requests to the correct people is imperative to your compliance requirements. To assist with this, we previously introduced Approval Templates which allow predefined lists of approvers and approval levels to be curated and made available to anyone submitting approval requests. However, once selected, these users were able to edit the approvers on an ad hoc basis which may cause compliance issues.


Now, if a user selects an approval template and subsequently removes an approver, a message can be sent to a predefined set of people (usually compliance officers) so that they can assess or request information about this change. Each Approval Template can have a user group attached to it. These user groups can be unique per template, can use the same group on every template, or anything in between. If you would like to know more about this, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.


AD-2934 Approval Submission > Outbound Annotations > Allow users to flip to a specific page of a multi page PDF
When submitting an item for approval, the submitter is able to add annotations to help inform approvers of any known issues or other commentary which may assist them in their job as an approver. However, for larger multi page documents, you were required to flip through every page to get to the specific page you wanted to annotate. We have now added a Page Selection widget so you can flip directly to a specific page.


AD-2939 Approvals List > Ability to see and select Tags from related organisations


When receiving approval requests from another brand who is related to your organisation (for example, if your organisation sponsors a sports team who submits approval requests to you for use of your logos etc), you will now be able to filter the Approvals List by the organisation name (ie the name of the sports team you sponsor) and then by the tags associated with that related brand. This better allows you to search for and keep track of approval requests which your business have not created, but were shared with you for approval nonetheless.


Bug Fixes


AD-2941 Submission Manager > Message field is emptied when a checklist is filled

Fixed an issue in the Approval Submission Manager which would clear the Message field if you filled that in before a checklist was completed.

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